• Surf Time Morocco

    Your Prescribed Dosis of Vitamin SEA

  • Surfing is More Than a Sport…

    …it is a way of living: In equilibrium with nature and the environment. Respecting each other, the culture of our country and the force of the sea. Greatful.


    The fusion of Wave, Board and Surfer.


    What We're Made Of

    A day without waves offers the chance to learn more about our culture. Hospitality for moroccans is a must. The sweeter the guests the sweeter the hot tea you get. Labas, bechir, nhar kbir hada and shukran besef. Learning 'Darja' - the Moroccan Arabic is fairly easy and helps you to connect with the local community.

    Women for Women

    An Homage to our Mother

    Morocco is the country of strong women. The flag itself with the green pentagram, is a sign for Mother Nature and many Berber tribes were lead and governed by women. We support local girls and women to learn the craft of surfing


    No Board fits Every Surfer

    There is no bad conditions, there is only wrong material. Every day is different, every person is unique. Depending on the conditions and your preferences we chose the right material together with you. Our boards have history, which makes them valuable.

  • People always make the difference

    Get to know us



    Studying the Sea since



    Fluent in Surfing, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, Padelboarding …



    Studies computer and likes to stay with the professor.







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  • What Our Guests Say

    Satisfying our guests is our main goal

    Matthias W. - Germany

    "Within a week I reached the next level"

    Matthias had already good experience with surfing. Together we decided to focus on the bottom turn to get maximum speed. After one week he was able to

    Anna B. - Wales

    "The atmosphere is so positive"

    Besides progressing in the water with my friends, I particularly enjoyed the time drinking tea and relaxing with Mehdi and his crew.

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    Guided Tour Package (5x)

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